Customer Service

I pride myself on putting customer satisfaction first and foremost when designing a website.


Attention to Detail

I will pay attention to the implementation of even the smallest details, down to every period and bullet point.



I hold myself to the strictest standards and will spend as much time as it takes to make your site right.



I firmly believe businesses should not have an exorbitant amount to have a professional looking website.  I will work with any size budget and, backed by my 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, you will receive a high quality web site at a very affordable price.

Full Service

I offer a wide array of design services, including logo design, search engine optimization, photo enhancement/retouching, and even marketing strategies, so you can enhance your presence on the web and expand your small business in no time.

Design Consulting

When designing a web site, I take a step back and think about what information I would like to see if I was one of your clients.  By looking at the big picture first, I can offer suggestions that allow you to customize your site to meet your customer’s needs.


The Beginning (2008-2012)

I started seriously taking up website design when I was a member of the Chicago Association of Legal Personnel Administrators (CALPA) back in 2008.  The website was in desperate need of updating and since I knew HTML code from my college days, I took a stab at giving the website a fresh new look.  After a few weeks of late nights, I showed the members the refreshed site and received some great feedback.  Over the next couple of years, I continued to hone my design skills by continuously updating the site and becoming the “un-official” webmaster for CALPA.

First Clients (2012-2013)

It wasn’t until about 5 years later when a colleague approached me to re-design the New York City Recruitment Association site that I realized I could help other organizations and businesses enhance their web presence.  After a successful experience with NYCRA’s redesign, I was referred to colleagues in cities across the country to design their group member sites.

The Present (2013 – now)

Since the beginning of 2013, I have since successfully made a total of 7 websites for various businesses and organizations.  I have a few more coming online in late 2015/early 2016 and look forward to increasing that number in the years to come.