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Ben Litman

Founder and Lead Web Designer

When I was in grade school, my teacher used to let us have designated time to play computer games during recess. It was during one of the numerous times playing Oregon Trail or Where in the World is Carmen San Diego? that my affinity for computers began. My parents bought our first computer when I was in middle school and my passion for computers and technology really started to grow. At that time, when terms like the Internet, World Wide Web, and America Online ruled popular culture in the mid-1990’s, it was like a whole new world opened up to me – literally! Fast forward 20+ years and I am now making websites instead of just browsing through them. There are still times when I feel like that little boy playing with his first computer, which is why I decided to finally launch my business, Litman Web Design, LLC.

I studied Management Information Systems/Business Administration at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. After graduating, I started my my career in a place I would’ve never thought – legal recruiting. After working in some recruiting capacity for Northwestern Law School, Jones Day, and Jenner & Block for the better part of 15 years, my path has come full circle as I now work as the HRIS Manager at CIBC Bank USA, which is a perfect blend of my technology and human resources skills.

When I was elected to the board for the Chicago Association of Legal Personnel Administrators (CALPA), I took it upon myself to completely redesign the website. Since then, I have developed a number of different types of sites in addition to the other legal recruiting organization websites I’ve built. Check them out in my portfolio gallery.

When I’m not at work or designing websites, I enjoy spending time with my wife and my two beautiful children as well as trying to play as many intramural sports as I can!

What This Means for You

A Reasonably Priced, Professionally Designed High-End Website

My mission is to help small businesses (like myself!) navigate the complex world of web design and development.  I understand the need to have an online presence, but the cost do to so can be a financial burden.  With my unique skill-set, I offer a broad array of services bundled into an affordable package.  I also have an unwavering commitment to customer service and pride myself on putting your satisfaction first.  I hold myself to the strictest standards (aka perfectionist) and will spend as much time as it takes to make your site right.


What to Expect


I offer a wide array of design services, including logo design, search engine optimization, photo enhancement/retouching, and even marketing strategies, so you can enhance your presence on the web and expand your small business in no time.


I believe businesses should not have to spend an exorbitant amount to have a professional looking website. I will work with any size budget and, backed by my 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, you will receive a high quality web site at an affordable price.


When designing a web site, I take a step back and think about what information I would like to see if I was one of your clients. By looking at the big picture first, I can offer suggestions that allow you to customize your site to meet your customer’s needs.

What I Offer


  • Affordable Design Packages
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Color Palette Selection
  • Logo Design
  • Virtual Private Server Hosting
  • Marketing
  • Maintenance Packages
  • Photo Optimization

Great Designs, Affordable Prices

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